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Tema Choir USA, Inc.

Who We Are

Tema Choir USA, Inc. takes its roots from famous Ghanaian choral music group, Tema Youth Choir. Following the relocation of the founder of Tema Youth Choir, Ebenezer A. Allotey, to the United States of America from Ghana, Tema Choir was founded to sustain and build upon its sister choir’s praiseworthy feats.

What We Do

A. The Tema Choir USA, Inc. will present quarterly concerts during the following seasons: Easter, Summer, and Christmas. The Christmas Concert may include the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.
B. The annual Easter concert is normally held on the Saturday that precedes Palm Sunday.
C. The Summer Concert will be scheduled during the months of June-August.
D. Concerts at Senior Living Communities may be scheduled by the Artistic Director at any time throughout the year.
E. The Annual Christmas Concert will be scheduled on the first Saturday in December.
F.  Although rehearsals will be pre-scheduled, the Artistic Director may use his discretion when deciding to change rehearsal times, and the beginning and ending months of required rehearsals.
G. In the event of a scheduling conflict, the Board of Directors may select alternate dates.
H. The Board of Directors may schedule other performances.
I. Tema Choir USA will also perform from time to time at private, public, corporate and national functions

Who We Serve

We serve the Woodbridge community in Prince William County.